Swap Your In House IT Staff for Managed IT Services and Save up to 75%


How many of your competitors are already saving time and money with a Managed IT Solution?

As a business owner, do you ever get the feeling you’re paying your IT guys just to sit in a room to surf the internet all day?! Maybe it’s not the case, but you are typically paying for someone to wait around for something to fail.

Why not outsource your IT Support – that way, you get specialised and experienced IT Consultants on the job only when they need to be. Using Winbasic Managed IT Services, the savings can be huge.

Cloud Computing Services – Are you in the cloud?

Are you in the cloud? Do you really need to be?

Not in the cloud yet? No? Well, you must be a dinosaur because the cloud is the LATEST & GREATEST technology!!

Still got your own server?? You’re obviously MISSING OUT –you’re paying too much for your IT and worse…your business is going to do down the tube!

Hang on a minute…everyone’s talking about the Cloud, but has anyone stopped to explore if you really need to be in the cloud? Are you missing out if you’re not? Let’s see….

How Our Managed IT Services Saved a Remote Jungle Client 40% on Telecommunications

Learn how we saved one of our PNG clients 40% in communication costs.

Pacific Helicopter Pilots fly in some of the most stunning terrain on the earth – through jungles, across remote PNG villages, over dramatic rivers & waterfalls – often landing in tiny airstrips surrounded by soaring mountain ranges. It’s a job that thrills, but the pilots also have to contend with isolation & remote locations, with many families living offshore. Keeping contact with family members was costing the company a fortune…so we stepped in to find a solution.

Disaster Recovery Plan & Cyber Security – The Best Way to Prevent a Disaster, Is to Be Prepared


It’s time to speak up!

We know things like Disaster Recovery are painful, but it’s so simple and cost effective (really!) to protect your data and IT systems. Compared with the costs incurred with staff downtime, IT consultant fees in fixing everything up, and the potential disaster of data being lost; a simple Disaster Recovery Plan is insignificant in cost and can be set up virtually immediately.