Learn how we saved one of our PNG clients 40% in communication costs.

Pacific Helicopter Pilots fly in some of the most stunning terrain on the earth – through jungles, across remote PNG villages, over dramatic rivers & waterfalls – often landing in tiny airstrips surrounded by soaring mountain ranges. It’s a job that thrills, but the pilots also have to contend with isolation & remote locations, with many families living offshore. Keeping contact with family members was costing the company a fortune…so we stepped in to find a solution.

Partnering with SpeedCast

Partnering with SpeedCast, a global satellite services provider, we implemented a networked satellite solution which has achieved a 40% reduction in telephone costs (with the introduction of Voice Over IP). We also set up faster and more secure connectivity throughout the company. Pilots are now able to communicate with families located offshore, making for happier pilots!


Pacific Helicopters is a well-established aviation company with operations throughout the Asia Pacific region, as well as many other regions around the world. The company operates a varied fleet of 26 helicopters and are a leading supplier of helicopters services to PNG, including both PNG helicopter charters and helicopter hire services within the country.

Based in Goroka, Pacific Helicopters PNG has multiple bases in many remote provinces of the country. The vast majority of Pacific Helicopters’ pilots are employed on a Fly-in Fly-out basis and are located offshore.

Challenge: How to achieve better, cheaper, faster communications across remote PNG locations

Pacific Helicopters required a new network to communicate effectively between their three sites (Goroka (HQ), Kopi and Moro air bases) as well as enable welfare applications for the company’s offshore pilots.

Fast internet connectivity & reliable voice services – that’s what we want!

The staff needed fast Internet connectivity for recreational purposes and reliable voice services to be able to communicate with their families. Pacific Helicopters required a network; which provided good value for money, facilitated efficient allocation of bandwidth between the three sites, addressed staff desire to communicate with familes, supported voice and real-time applications and provided competitive VoIP services.

Let’s be flexible with our network design…

Finally, the network design had to be flexible in its ability to respond to shifting goal posts, and provide extensive monitoring and support of the entire network. To address these unique requirements, we got together with global satellite services provider, SpeedCast. The partnership combined the presence and network expertise of a local consultant, us, with the satellite expertise and diverse technology of SpeedCast, a company with multiple corporate-grade satellite links across remote PNG.


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Wet climate conditions? No worries!

Based on a C-Band Hybrid SCPC network topology, the network is more resistant to wet climate conditions of PNG and provides unlimited (based on guaranteed charges) bandwidth, which could be dynamically shared between the three sites. This unique network design facilitates the ability to share the outbound bandwidth between sites, so the bandwidth reserves automatically switch to the active site, when the remaining two are not using the bandwidth.

Voice services are provided via SpeedCast’s Core network with direct connectivity to TIER 1 carriers including an E1 straight into Telikom PNG – SpeedCast being only one of a handful of Pacific carriers with this feature due to the number of minutes (up to 20 Million a month) we operate across the region.

To ensure maximum efficiency and seamless operation, SpeedCast completed the project by integrating its value-added services:

  • Bandwidth Management tools including QoS and Application Filtering were applied to prioritise certain applications and contain the bandwidth usage.
  • Online Network Monitoring: an online portal provides scheduled and on-demand reporting on all aspects of the satellite network, including bandwidth usage and voice performance.


Happy customer! Who wouldn’t be with a 40% saving achieved and far happier staff!

Pacific Helicopters was pretty happy about the results:

  • The Pacific Helicopters pilots can now communicate with their families located offshore via various platforms including VoIP lines, Skype, Messenger and Social Media.
  • How’s this… we reduced call costs from $3 USD per minute using a local telephone provider to $0.25c with VoIP.
  • The dynamic allocation of bandwidth ensures maximum efficiency of its reserves and better communication between the three sites.
  • Faster network performance due to SpeedCast’s efficient, diverse-carrier platform and bandwidth management tools.

A word from Ben Ignas, Pacific Helicopters….

“The SpeedCast satellite solution, in conjunction with the end-to-end services provided by Winbasic Technology Solutions, is an ideal fit for Pacific Helicopters in both corporate and welfare applications. The new network enables fast and secure connectivity and has so far saved us 40% in VoIP costs. We anticipate additional gain in our overall operations by further reducing network costs while adding more value to our customers and employees.”

A word from SpeedCast…

Nick Miller, Sales Director, PNG of SpeedCast commented: “We are proud of supplying a fully customised, integrated network that worked so well for our customer. “I thank Winbasic for their responsiveness and knowledge throughout. It was their expertise in the IT Business Solutions and local presence that allowed our partnership to provide an efficient and reliable service for Pacific Helicopters”.


Moving Forward

Throughout the multi-year deal SpeedCast will continue monitoring the existing network and provide recommendations and adjustments to the QoS rules to ensure network efficiency, maximize throughput and continue saving costs for the end customer.

About SpeedCast

SpeedCast is a leading global network and satellite communications service provider offering high-quality managed networks services in over 60 countries; and a global maritime network serving customers worldwide. Headquartered in Hong Kong, with 14 international sales & support offices and 24 teleport operations, SpeedCast has a unique infrastructure to serve the requirements of customers globally. With over 4,000 links on land and at sea supporting mission critical applications, SpeedCast has distinguished itself with a strong operational expertise and a highly efficient support organization, which are the foundation of SpeedCast’s success. SpeedCast is publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) under the ticker SDA. For more information, visit www.speedcast.com

About Us – working with clients in remote locations.

Winbasic Technology Solutions provides Pacific Helicopters with Managed IT Services which allows for remote management and monitoring of Pacific Helicopters head office and associated bases. Remote management utilising an efficient and reliable satellite communication system allows for IT management costs to be kept to a minimum by reducing the costs associated with onsite visits.

Given the harsh environment in which IT has to operate in PNG due to power and weather conditions, Disaster Recovery protection and remote Managed IT Solutions are two of the primary tasks carried out utilising the satellite communications system.

About Pacific Helicopters

Based in Papua New Guinea, Pacific Helicopters is an established aviation company with operations throughout the Asia Pacific region, as well as many other regions around the world. The company has operated for over 30 years, and is the leading supplier of helicopter charters and helicopter hire services in Papua New Guinea.

Pacific Helicopters offers expertise in Heliportable Seismic Support Services, geographical exploration, construction projects, IFRR/VFR Off-Shore Petroleum Exploration, Aerial Survey and Photography and Power line Construction. The company also assists with weather information, topography, flight following, fixed wing charter and logistics support.

We can manage your IT remotely – whether you have offices interstate or overseas.

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