Heard of the ransomware bug?

Here’s happened when one of our clients opened a corrupted email…
  • Client:
    5 servers, over 150 users, multiple workplaces
  • What happened?:
    An email with the ransomware bug (Crypto Locker Virus) was opened, corrupting their system and rendering it unable to use.
  • What did we do?:
    Isolated the client’s systems, ascertained the damage then determined which systems were compromised.
  • Result?:
    Within 15 minutes we had 50% of their systems restored for use. Within 3 hours we had their entire system back online with no loss of data.

Why such a good result? We had set the client up with a cost effective but comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan – aligned not only with their needs but also their budget!

Up and running in 3 hours, no data loss =


Haven’t thought about the following happening? Might be worth spending a minute or two…

  • Ransomware virus attacks
  • Power failure
  • Staff stealing data
  • Hardware failure

Can your business afford…

  • Lost documents, software, hardware
  • Paying a potential ‘ransom’
  • Hours of staff downtime
  • Expensive IT costs in repairing damage

WINBASIC Disaster Recovery Plans – cost effective and easy to implement. We will set up a 24/7 secure and tested system which provides early alerts of an impending attack/issue. If an attack does occur, we will have your business up and running as quickly as possible.

We offer the following plan options to help you align with your needs and budget. We can have your entire business back up and running in:

  • 2 hours
  • 4 hours
  • 8 hours
  • 24 hours

Our Guarantee : A PERSON on the end of the line – 24/7+ Response in one hour (business hours)