Confident your Anti-Virus Software and Firewall will Protect you?

Australian businessesare being attacked on a daily basis. In fact, in 2022, Scam Watch reported over 146,000 attacks, and there were the only ones actually reported.

Unfortunately, hackers are using increasingly sophisticated methods, and often their attacks are completely randomised. Small, medium or large businesses all stand the chance of being hacked. Standard IT security like antivirus software and firewalls will not save a business from a cyber attack, as many think.


Multi-Layered Cyber Security

Businesses need to treat their cyber security like their general security – a multi-level approach. This is not only for their own protection but also to comply with legislation from the Data Breach Notification Law.

A multi-layered cyber security approach may include:

  • Alerts if you have attempted to open a malicious email
  • Further monitoring to ensure it was not a preliminary attack which will lead to a greater attack on your business
  • A Winbasic IT expert constantly looking out for and closing potential access points
  • Advice on unsuitable equipment like home quality routers instead of enterprise routers
  • Advice on default usernames and passwords being used as well as weak user passwords with high levels of system access.


Cyber Security is surprisingly affordable, simple and quickly implemented if you use a reputable IT services company such as Winbasic.

So whether it is a case of reconfiguration of existing systems costing a few hours labour, or installation of enterprise grade Unified Threat Management devices costing a few thousand dollars, cyber security protection doesn’t have to break the bank.


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