Cherry picking from current cloud solutions to create the perfect cloud solution for your business

Cloud technology can have huge benefits for your business if used correctly. However, it’s not the panacea for all your IT challenges. The initial excitement of the early days of the Cloud has worn off as business owners realise the Cloud is not a one-size fits all solution.

However, you can be smart about it. We cherry pick from the current cloud systems to create the perfect cloud solution for our clients’ businesses – this is called Hybrid Cloud.

Let’s first review the benefits and pitfalls of Cloud

The benefits

Cloud is cost efficient, offers virtually unlimited storage, simplified data recovery and back up; and accessibility from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection). Plus, it’s deployed quickly.

The pitfalls

You are reliant on maintaining good internet coverage – with internet outages, you’re stuck. Handing over your company’s information to a third-party cloud service provider can also involve a level of security risk. You can be more prone to hackers.

Case Study : Panasales

Winbasic designs and implements a new hybrid cloud environment for Panasales. The new hybrid cloud environment allows for Panasales’ critical systems to be based on premise in Brisbane and their communication systems such as email and video conferencing to be cloud based.

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case study

So how do you find a cloud solution that takes advantage of all the benefits, but minimises the risks?

Well, firstly, cloud shouldn’t be treated as a one size fits all solution.

At Winbasic, we would rather create a customised solution made up of various technologies which maximise the efficiencies of the system, but also minimise potential risks.

Hybrid cloud is a combination of private cloud combined with the use of public cloud service. Our goal is to combine services and data from a variety of cloud systems to create a blended and well-managed computing environment. For some of our clients, we use our own custom-built enterprise data centre.

With our Hybrid Cloud solutions, we use a mix of onsite and offsite equipment to provide the optimal solution or your business. Whether it’s Google Drive ©, Microsoft One Drive ©, Microsoft Azure © or Amazon Web Services ©, a selection of all (or even utilising our own custom built enterprise data centre) we will tailor a solution to suit your business not only for today, but for tomorrow.


Our advice? Consider using the Cloud, just ensure you get the best version for your business.

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