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  • Panasales

    Client since 2015

    Panasales is one of the leading distributors of air conditioning products in Australia. Panasonic air conditioning specialists, the company provides cooling and heating solutions for thousands of homes and businesses each year.


    Panasales’ significant growth meant the company had outgrown its IT environment. The aging IT system was slow, there were too many users and constant breakdowns were impacting the bottom line through increasing staff downtime.


    Winbasic designs and implements a new hybrid cloud environment for Panasales. The new hybrid cloud environment allows for Panasales’ critical systems to be based on premise in Brisbane and their communication systems such as email and video conferencing to be cloud based

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  • Asia Pacific Aerospace

    Client since 2003

    Asia Pacific Aerospace (APA) specialises in the maintenance repair and overhaul of small to medium gas turbine engines. APA is an Authorised Maintenance Organisation (AMO) to the Australia Defence Force and is a Rolls-Royce Authorised Maintenance Repair and overhaul Centre.


    Asia Pacific Aerospace had an outdated Network with limited remote access and security. Software was outdated, and many internal processes were done manually, which was extremely time consuming.


    Read how WINBASIC’s customised software reduces manual process from 3 days to matter of minutes.

  • apa
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  • Pacific Helicopters

    Client since 2007

    Pacific Helicopters is a leading aviation company in the Asia Pacific region, with operations in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and many other regions around the world. The company operates in a varied fleet of single and twin engine helicopters, and has been the leading supplier of helicopter services to Papua New Guinea since 1970.


    Pacific Helicopters required an integrated reliable IT system to connect multiple bases in remote areas of Papua New Guinea.


    Read how our Integrated IT system linked remote bases and vastly reduced manual processes, resulting in savings of over $30,000 a year in phone charges alone.

  • pacific-helicopters
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  • Smart Supplies

    Client since 2004

    Established in 1998 Smart Supplies is one of Australia’s leading online providers of office supplies, with over 15,000 office stationary lines.


    Smart Supplies was growing quickly, but certain procedures were being done manually with multiple sets of data from various suppliers. The company was using legacy customised software, but as there was no ongoing support, the software wasn’t being leveraged. Furthermore, their existing website provider was downsizing, putting at risk the Smart Suppliers website, which was in danger of going offline.


    Read how our bespoke software automated numerous processes, assisting the Smart Suppliers eCommerce website to achieve page 1 Search Engine results. Significant increased in operational efficiencies and revenue were also achieved.

  • smart-supplies
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  • Wholesale Distributor

    Client since 2000

    Established in 1995, this company is one of Australia’s largest wholesale distributors of a range of electronic consumer products.


    This company was experiencing problems with their legacy server and infrastructure, and were concerned about levels of security and back up. They had considered moving to the cloud, but were unable to as the neighbourhood telecommunications infrastructure needed to be updated first.


    Read how we achieved an affordable and efficient transition from old infrastructure to a cloud based solution

  • winbasic
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