How many of your competitors are already saving time and money with a Managed IT Solution?

As a business owner, do you ever get the feeling you’re paying your IT guys just to sit in a room to surf the internet all day?! Maybe it’s not the case, but you are typically paying for someone to wait around for something to fail.

Why not outsource your IT Support – that way, you get specialised and experienced IT Consultants on the job only when they need to be. Using Winbasic Managed IT Services, the savings can be huge.

Do you have an Electrician or Mechanic on site?

If you’re not an Electrical contracting firm, then do you keep an Electrician on site for when you might need one? You may have a fleet of company vehicles but I’m guessing you don’t have a mechanic on your books either!

No, so why do you employ full time or even part time IT staff? Having in-house IT Support staff is really taking a reactive approach as opposed to a proactive approach. It’s no doubt costing you dearly but more on that later.

What Managed IT Services do you really need?

IT staff can work for larger businesses who have lots of a support issues.


in most cases – unless you are an IT company – it doesn’t pay to have a Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Web Developer and IT Manager sitting around.
Be smarter: Contract the services out – only pay for what you need!

So what is Managed IT Services?

Outsourcing IT is typically known as Managed IT Services. With our clients, we sit down and analyse their requirements, audit their existing setup then provide a plan to manage the IT environment, providing both current and future support.

Remote access means immediate support – no waiting around!

Remote access means that you’re no longer waiting for an IT Consultant to turn up in most cases. The problem can be fixed quickly and simply. If it is a major fault, then yes, it’s difficult to replace a PC over the phone! However, we can still have someone to you on the same day – or even within a few hours.

Managed IT Services allows your IT to grow with your business

Managed IT allows you to be proactive. It means that aside from supporting the current environment, you have a plan to allow your business to grow and your IT requirements to adapt with it. Monitoring and automating processes allows for greater efficiencies and therefore greater savings.

Managed IT Services SAVES you money

Look at it this way. If an IT provider can simultaneously look after a dozen clients with a few support engineers, you’re getting more bang for your buck. It’s like timeshare ® for IT – only paying for what you need. There are other factors as well. The cost of training and certification is worn by the IT provider and not your business. Sure, it’s passed on in the cost of the service you’re paying for but you’re only paying a portion of it rather than paying the certification and training costs in full for staff who are then free to move on to other areas.

Experience across different industries brings greater depth to your business

The other benefit is experience. The same staff sitting in the same environment aren’t inclined to adapt to different technologies. However, Managed IT Service Consultants  are regularly challenged by the various environments and situations they encounter. It’s also up to them to keep up to date with the latest technologies and processes and it’s this knowledge that’s beneficial to your business.

Knowledge management – avoid the risk of having IT staff move on with your IP

There’s also the added benefit of reducing the risk of reliance on internal resources. Too many times we’ve seen companies fail when IT resources have left or they’ve held the company to ransom over wages. By outsourcing, you mitigate this risk.

The best of both worlds

There are cases where IT staff are simply too busy and need to be freed up for other more important tasks. This is where a hybrid system works well – your IT staff work on important projects and the support is outsourced.

It’s easy to change IT Services providers

As with any service, you need to ensure you have the appropriate agreements but typically changing IT providers is as simple as providing notice with your current one and finding a new one. 


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How long can you afford to be offline?

Disaster Recovery is often categorised by the amount of downtime a business will suffer before returning online. This downtime is the time it takes to recover systems as well as quantifying the amount of data lost. You can go from High Availability systems which have no loss of data and no downtime right down to offsite hard drives which run on nightly backups and may take several days to restore but with 24 hours of lost data (or more!). Imagine a day to a week of downtime. Not worth thinking about is it!

Changing to Managed IT Services from internal staff?

If you’re moving away from internal staff then typically you engage your provider to work with your staff for a seamless changeover. Of course there’s HR procedures you need to follow for making positions redundant but that’s outside of our remit!


Moving from an underperforming Managed IT Services provider?

If you have an existing provider and you are changing, the handover is pretty straight forward. Most providers have existing documentation which is owned by the client however in cases where that documentation is missing or lacking, our IT Services Audit is designed to provide all the information required to manage your systems. The hardest part is often making the decision…the rest is easy!

Our client retention rate average is 8 years for a reason…

Small brag here: Few of our clients have ever felt the need to move providers. Our average client retention is 8 years, with some of our clients having been with us for over 15 years!

No matter how your company operates, Managed IT Services can offer many benefits over IT staff. On average, we’ve found that costs can be reduced by up to 75%.

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