We operate quite differently to the average Managed IT Services Company


The average IT Services Company



Fees are charged in batches, in advance, leaving little control over how time is used.

We only bill at the end of the month for work performed. We prefer transparency.

Enquiry response time

Take a ticket. The time you call will influence how long it takes to get a response

You’ll be answered within the hour during business hours – by a person. No tickets, ever.

Willingness to work after hours

Many IT companies prefer to work during business hours, but this can cause disruption for yor business.

We’re happy to perform maintenance work after hours. It’s just more convenient for our clients. No extra charge either.


Various levels of security.

We offer maximun security for your business. We are ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) and ADF (Australia Defence Force) approved, and have Australian Defence Force and Australian Federal Police security clearances.

Data Storage

Many use cloud based systems storing your data in overseas data centres potentially vulnerable to breaches.

Our clients data is stored in multiple locations within our dedicated 24/7 onsite data – never offshore.

Office Location

Many of our competitors work from expensive inner city/city fringe locations – which means overheads are charged on in their fees

We operate our family business from a Brisbane based office; so we can full monitor and support pur clients with far fewer overheads.

On site visits

You’ll often only see IT consultant when there is an issue to be resolved.

We do regular onsite visits to monitor things – often spotting a problem before it blows up, saving significant time and money.

Client Retention

It is notorious for high tunover of clients because of inferior, unreliable service.

Our average client retention is 8 years… speaks for itself!



A family business with IT in our blood, we genuinely care about our clients. We operate with the highest integrity and were’re not happy if we’re not making a tangible difference to our client’s business.